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STEM Scene

What's going on in the STEM Scene?

10 Books about the Apollo Moon Landing

With the help of our friends at Barnes and Noble, we have compileda list of 10 great books to read to or with your child to teach them about thishistoric scientific event. And don’t forget to come to the Lab on Saturday, July 20th from noon to 4pm to celebratewith special STEM activities that are sure to be Out of This World!

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Read Across America in a Scientific Way

The world of STEM isn’t just about doing, it’s about reading andlearning. March 1 is Read Across America day and in honor of thisfantastic event, we asked a few of our staff to tell us what their favoritebooks are for budding scientists and STEM learners.

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Shark Week Reading

Are you looking for something to engage your child’s curiosityabout the amazing world of Sharks? Check out this list of books from ourfriends at Barnes and Noble, designed for awide range of kids, from reading to your littlest, older kids reading on theirown, and everything in between.

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Stream and Naturalist Books

Consisting of practical projects to do outside; ranging from simple observation activities like bird watching to more ambitious projects like growing your own crystals. Every activity uses readily available materials such as paper, pens, sand, and soil, and includes step-by-step photographic instructions.

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