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Stream and Naturalist Books

Stream and Naturalist Books

December 25, 2019

Great  Things to Do Outside by DK
Consisting of practical projects to do outside; ranging from simple  observation activities like bird watching to more ambitious projects like  growing your own crystals. Every activity uses readily available materials  such as paper, pens, sand, and soil, and includes step-by-step photographic instructions.

Put On Your Owl Eyes: Open Your Senses &Discover Nature’s Secrets; Mapping, Tracking & Journaling Activities by Devin Franklin
Children will see the natural world around them with brand new eyes, as they learn to follow its signs, hear its language, and understand its secrets.

Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail: What Will You Find? by Editors of Storey Publishing
Jump-start curiosity with this take-along field guide for children ages 4 to 8. From worms, birds, and spiders to trees, flowers, and clouds, young explorers learn what to look and listen for wherever they are.

Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide by Mel Boring
Fun with Nature helps kids discover an incredible world right in their own backyards. This entertaining book is filled with fascinating facts and awesome activities.

The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature by Brooklyn Botanic Garden Educators
This gorgeously illustrated guide will inspire kids to look closely at the world around them! Created by the experts at the renowned Brooklyn Botanic Garden, it teaches children how to observe environments as a naturalist does and leads them on 24 adventures that reveal the complex ecosystems of plants and animals.

One Small Square: Pond by Donald M. Silver
This beautifully illustrated "you are there" science book, part of the critically acclaimed One Small Square series, is brimming over with fun-to-do experiments and activities for children ages 7 and up. Includes a pond field guide, a glossary-index, and a resource list.

Butternut Hollow Pond by Brian Heinz
In the course of a full day at Butternut Hollow Pond, readers will meet water striders, snapping turtles, herons, woodchucks, and other animals that live in the pond and how each creature fits into the habitat's food chain.

Crawdad Creek by Scott Russell Sanders
There’s always something happening at Crawdad Creek.
That’s what Lizzie and Michael call the stream that runs behind their house.Come pan for gold, hunt for fossils, find an arrowhead in the mud or a crayfish under a stone. There’s a wild and beautiful world here waiting to be discovered.

Creekfinding: A True Story by Jacqueline Briggs Martin
This is a true story about a man named Mike who went looking for that creek long after it was buried under fields of corn. It is the story of how a creek can be brought back to life, and with it a whole world of nature.

Pond: Look Inside by Louise Spilsbury
Look closely at a pond and discover a world of inhabitants! An in depth study of this microhabitat reveals an unbelievable variety of organisms. Vibrant photographs and detailed illustrations combine to make these books informative and engaging.