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10 Books about the Apollo Moon Landing

10 Books about the Apollo Moon Landing

December 25, 2019

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing!

With the help of our friends at Barnes and Noble, we have compiled a list of 10 great books to read to or with your child to teach them about this historic scientific event.  And don’t forget to come to the Lab on Saturday, July 20th from noon to 4pm to celebrate with special STEM activities that are sure to be Out of This World!

  • Hello World; Moon Landing by Jill McDonald
    A colorful, easy to understand book for the youngest readers
  • You Choose: Apollo 11 Moon Landing by Thomas Adamson
    In this well known series, your child gets to decide! Will they be able to be at the Russians and land a man on the moon?
  • The First Moon Landing by Charles Lovett
    Learn the names of the astronauts as well as why they were chosen. Fun Facts and trivia about the Apollo Mission.
  • First on the Moon  by Rod Pyle
     Offering a behind the scenes look and seldom seen photographs, this visually  stunning book is sure to please.
  • One Giant Leap by  Robert Burleigh
     The sense of immediacy is irresistible and will cause children who consider  the event just ancient history to feel as if they too had left footprints on  that distant, dusty surface." —School Library Journal
  • Who was Neil Armstrong? by Roberta Edwards
    Part of the excellent children’s biography series; this one focusing on the story of Neil Armstrong.
  • Look to the Stars  by Buzz Aldrin
     Buzz Aldrin himself wrote this book with kid-friendly text. This book goes  from the earliest attempts at flight to the moon landing.
  • Moon Walk by Judy Donnelly
    This Level 5 Step into Reading book teaches children about the 3 astronauts that flew the Apollo Mission.
  • Team moon by Catherine Themmish
    For slightly older children, this book looks at the event from the unique perspective of the over 400,00 people who helped make it happen.
  • Moonshot by National Geographic Learning
    An inspirational tribute to the men who first walked on the moon; complimented by engaging pictures.