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What Melts in the Sun?

What Melts in the Sun?

March 11, 2021

We’re nearing spring and the sun is coming! With spring almost here, you may have noticed temperatures increasing and daylight getting longer. With more sunny days it’s a great time to test out what melts in the sun. Try this experiment to test melting points.

Items Needed:

-       Muffin tin you’re okay with melting things in!

-       Lego

-       Ice cube

-       Pad of butter

-       Small Rock

-       Coin

-       Small piece of bar soap

-       A slice or cube of cheese

-       Crayons

-       Any other object you’d like to test!

-       A pencil and paper to record your results



1.     Wait for a sunny day

2.     Place one object in each muffin cup

3.     Place the muffin tin out in the sunshine and wait 10minutes

4.     Check the status of the objects in the tin - are any melting?

5.     Wait another 10 minutes and check it again. What’s happened?

6.     Make a list of items that have melted. Which items melted and which ones didn’t?

7.     You can keep checking on the muffin tin and objects. Be careful if it’s really sunny, as the tin may get very hot.

8.     Record all of your findings. How long did it take to melt the ice? How about the slice of cheese? What happened with the soap? Did it melt at all?

There’s science behind this!

All solids have a melting point, and that temperature is different for everything. The coin didn’t melt because its melting point is somewhere near 1,981 degrees F. That’s way hotter than our temperatures. The melting point of water is 32 degrees F, so it’s very likely that your ice cube didn’t stay an ice cube in the sun. Try out other objects to test your ideas and have fun experimenting!

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