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Light Box Magic

Light Box Magic

August 11, 2021

How to make a Light Box:


·      a big box

·      plastic water bottles (16oz size recommended)

·      duct tape

·      scissors

·      Optional: Paint, Paintbrushes, FoodColoring, Bleach, Foil, Cups that fit over bottles

     1. Paint and decorate the box!

     2. Fill the bottles with water

        For more fun addfood coloring to some of the bottles.  

     3. Trace the bottom of the bottles on the top of the box and cut holes.  Put tin foil on the top of the box to help the light reflect into the bottles.

     4. Make a viewing window. Cut a hole in the side of the box to look inside just big enough for your eyes to peek inside.

  1. Begin experimenting! Push bottles into holes and take turns looking in the viewing window.

What is happening?

When light from the sun hits a solid object, like the cup, it is absorbed.  When light hits the water in the bottle, it bends in all different directions.  It bends because the water makes the light slow down. This is called refraction. The water makes the light spread out in the box. Think of the swimming pool. Kids have to wear alot of sunscreen by the pool because the water makes the light spread out and can cause sunburn easily from the light. Try and see what the light does when there are just holes in the top of the box and no water bottle.