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Flying Tea Bag Ghost

Flying Tea Bag Ghost

October 27, 2023

Air is all around us, even when we can’t taste, touch, smell, see, or hear it! In this experiment, you will observe how hot and cold air can make a tea bag ghost fly!

*This experiment requires an adult's help. Please stay safe during this experiment by choosing a good spot away from objects that can catch on fire.*


- Tea Bag

- Scissors

- Marker

- Lighter or Match


1. Cut off the top of the tea bag and empty the tea out. Your tea bag should now be a flat tube.

2. Draw a ghost face on the tea bag.

3. Open the tea bag into a tube and make sure it can stand up.

4. Stand the tea bag tube up on a non-flammable surface.

5. Make sure you are in a wide-open space, like a backyard, since it can fly pretty high.

6. Light the top of the tea bag tube with the lighter or match and watch what happens!

What's happening?

There are three forces that are making the tea bag ghost fly: