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DIY Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse

May 11, 2023

A greenhouse is a building that has a roof and walls that are made of plastic or glass. Inside these structures, you can find many kinds of plants like vegetables and flowers growing all year round! Discover how to build your own mini greenhouse below!


- 2 Clear Plastic Cups

- Soil

- Carrot Seeds

- Water

- Tape

- Pencil


1. Fill one of the cups with soil. Leave about 1 inch of space above the soil.

2. Use your finger to make some indents in the soil and place the seeds in the soil.

3. Cover the seeds with some more soil. Then, add some water by pouring or spraying onto the soil to make it moist.

4. Poke three holes into the bottom of the empty cup. Then, place it upside down on the cup with the soil and seeds.

5. Tape the two cups together.

6. Place the cups in a sunny spot and observe the changes that happen.

7. Add more water as needed and watch the seeds over 14 days to see them sprout!

8. Extra Step: Once the seeds sprout, move them to a bigger pot and continue to water and make sure they get enough sunlight. It takes almost three months for a carrot to grow.

What’s happening? Because the roof and walls are transparent, meaning light can travel through them, the sun's light and warmth can be used to keep plants healthy even when outside temperatures are too cold for most plants to survive.


Greenhouses are useful because they allow us to control the environment and make it easier for plants to grow. This technique has been used for a very long time! Roman gardeners built structures made of cloth covered in oil to provide lots of sunlight to the plants and then brought them inside at night to keep them warm.