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Build your own Weather Station

Build your own Weather Station

January 23, 2020

All summer long our citizen scientists have been a part of NASA’s S’COOL (student cloud observation on-line) program to observe cloud cover from the ground to compare the observations taken by NASA satellites. Clouds have important effects on weather and climate. Thank you to all of our citizen scientists!

The Children’s Science Center has been focusing on the atmosphere and weather as part of our citizen science program. On August 2, our Summer of Science Celebration will focus on the weather with weather-themed activities and entertainment.  Plus, participants will have the opportunity to hear from our Celebrity Scientist Erica Grow, a WUSA-TV meteorologist.

You can keep the fun and learning about the weather going at home.  Try building one or more tools for your own weather observation station including a barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, a weather vane to measure wind direction, a rain gauge to measure rainfall and more.

Build a Barometer

Build a Weather Station