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Build a Catapult

Build a Catapult

November 10, 2023

Did you know a catapult is a type of lever? There are three different types of levers based on where the fulcrum, load, and force are in the lever. The fulcrum is where the lever moves. A catapult is a class three lever!


- 3 Rubber Bands

- 6 Large Craft Sticks

Optional Materials:

- More Large Craft Sticks


1. Stack four craft sticks together. Then secure one end of the stack of craft sticks with a rubber band.

2. Slide one of the remaining craft sticks into the open end of the stack of craft sticks perpendicular. There should be one stick below and three sticks on top.

3. Secure the other end of the stack of craft sticks with a rubber band. Then place your last craft stick perpendicular on top of the three craft sticks.

4. Secure the two perpendicular sticks on one end with a rubber band.

5. Try launching soft objects like marshmallows or cotton balls with your new catapult! Are there other materials you can try building another catapult with?

What’s happening? You used a sturdy but somewhat flexible item to launch items into the air. This happens because the stick wants to return to its original shape after it was bent out of shape.

When you press the launching arm down, it begins to store potential energy and once released, the potential energy changes into kinetic energy and launches an object.