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10 Fun Ideas for Snowy Fun with a STEM Twist

10 Fun Ideas for Snowy Fun with a STEM Twist

January 23, 2020

1 Measure the snow
How much snow fell in your community?  How fast did it fall? Be sure to join in our “How Much Snow?” contest for a change to win admission to the Children’s Science Center Lab!

2 Identify snowflakes
Are all snowflakes really unique? Examine them and then classify them by type.

3 Measure water in the snow
Predict how much liquid you get when you melt the snow.

4 Make snow candy
What happens when molten sugar meets snow?

5 Build an igloo
Try your hand at some arctic engineering and build a snow structure

6 Freeze it Create some icy decorations.

7 Go ice fishing in your kitchen
Lift an ice cube without touching it with your hands

8 Make melting ice sculpture
Try this beautiful and fun learning experience with ice.

9 How clean is snow?
Snow seems so pure and clean but examine it more closely.

10 Make a snow volcano
Oozing lava looks really cool in your snowy backyard.

**PLUS, don’t forget to line up more winter (and summer) fun for your child at the Lab:

  • Register your child for Club Invention classes at the Lab! They will experiment with gravity, buoyancy and simple machines in this action-packed, hands-on class.
  • Dream of warm weather fun while you register for spring break or summer camp at the Lab.
  • Make a Valentine’s date with your sweetheart while your kids take over the Lab – check out Kids Night at the Lab on February 13.

Don’t forget to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter as you tackle these snowy fun ideas!