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Science On the Go

Science on the Go

The Children's Science Center will provide 45 minutes of programming with activities and games related to a STEM theme and a whole lot of energy and fun! Your organization provides one room for up to 30 students. For information on availability and pricing, please email

Mission to Mars - Explore space and the solar system. Then design and build a Mars Rover to accomplish your planned mission.
Takeaway – Mars Rover.  

Fun in the Sun - Learn about Photosynthesis, Solar Energy, and the Greenhouse effect.
Takeaway -UV bracelet and a mini greenhouse planted with seeds.
Recommended for 3rd grade and up. 

Paleontologist for a Day – What happened millions of year ago?  Find out about layers of the Earth, Dinosaurs and Fossils.  
Takeaway –Fossil imprint.

Ocean Chemistry – Create a chemical reaction and learn about chemical changes in the ocean and how that affects Coral Reefs.
Takeaway –pH Test kit for at home fun.