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Field Trips

Field Trips

Children’s Science Center field trips and assemblies are designed for Pre-K to 6th grade students and are offered Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Our programs at the Lab can accommodate a class or grade level and includes 4 Hands-On Experience Areas.

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In-Person Field Trips

Students will rotate through 4 experience areas:

Experiment Bar - STEM Educators lead the students in a pre-selected experiment to test out the scientific method by making a hypothesis, doing a hands-on experiment, and observing what happens!

Tinker Shop - STEM Educators lead student’s in the pre-selected engineering activity to learn about the Engineering Design process.

Inspiration Hub - STEM Educators introduce students to hands-on activities about energy and let them have free exploration in this area. Activities include a gear table, wind turbines, air rockets, chain reactions, and the cost and environmental impact of powering the city with combinations of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

Garage - STEM Educators discuss architectural structures, stability, center of gravity, symmetry, measurements, and/or surface area during this building activity.

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