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For Educators

Learn more about all the activities the Children's Science Center has to offer. Click to learn more, see pictures of past events and learn what to expect when you come by.

Field Trips

Field Trips are designed for Pre-K to 6th grade levels in school classes, day schools, homeschool groups, after-school care, summer schools and other educational organizations that want a structured itinerary. Field trips are scheduled in two-hour or 90 minute blocks including 10 minutes for check-in and 10 minutes for check-out/departure

Family Science Night

Family Science Night is an evening program for elementary schools designed for parents to self-guide their students through 12 engaging, hands-on STEM activities. The activities are aligned with the Virginia Standards of Science Learning.

Science on Stage

Science on Stage is the Children’s Science Center’s school assembly program which brings the school community together in a fun, engaging way to learn about science. The program is designed for all elementary school children in all grades.

Latina SciGirls

Latina SciGirls is an 8-week series of STEM-focused classes offered specifically for Latina girls in grades 3-6 through a partnership with local Title I elementary schools. Programming made possible by PBS SciGirls©.