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Elements of Success

Become an Elements Partner and Inspire Generations

An Interactive & Educational Periodic Table

With your contribution as an Elements Partner, you make a legacy investment in Northern Virginia’s science center that will inspire generations. Your gift creates this important community resource and world-class facility that will ignite curiosity and challenge learners of all ages to experience the world through the lens of science.​

Visitors to Northern Virginia’s science center will be greeted with this fun and interactive installation showcasing the Periodic Table of Elements. This unique experience will celebrate your legacy gift as a vital part of our community network of support. ​​

Elements Partners receive permanent recognition on an available element of your choice as part of this iconic exhibit, located near the entrance of Northern Virginia's science center. ​​

Become an Elements Partner today and help us Launch the Future for Northern Virginia's science center. Your gift will play a significant role in creating a vibrant  community resource that will inspire generations. ​​

NVSC Table Elements

Thank you for considering how you can​ Launch the Future and be elemental to the success of ​Northern Virginia’s science center.​

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For more information on the Launch the Future campaign for Northern Virginia’s science center please contact:

Margaret Cartier
Campaign Manager